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We are and an independent organization with a focus on unearthing the truth about the daily paradigms and the various viewpoints that happen in our society today. We are different because we are here to tackle matters that other traditional media have not discussed. We are here to provide you with conversations about various topics in our society today. Whether you the happenings in the society today seem to distract your inner peace or sound new to you, don’t worry because we will handle all your queries.

We always strive to bring a point home by using easy language that is plain and can be easily understood. Some of the major topics that we cover here include Culture, Race, and Politics and among others. Nowadays, identity and race have emerged as dividing factors, especially in the political scenes. Although the race has been there since time immemorial, it has extremely become explicit in today’s political campaigns. On the other hand, culture can be expressed in a number of ways. Our intention is to help you understand the various expression of culture and this will help you understand people around you and across the world.

Although others may describe us as being radical, it is because we are striving to publish differing viewpoints that represent our democratic space. We have covered different topics that would like to read! While reading out various articles, opinions or views, you’ll definitely be impressed with our well explained social security matters. There are different social matters, by using our website, you’ll be privileged to have access to a lot of information about the daily happens and current affairs in our society.

Our objective is to educate you by giving you information about issues that are of interest to you. It is our hope that the opinions and information published here will be of great help. You can browse through our pages and have access to several articles that are of interest to you.