Glimpse Into The American Culture for Newbies

The World has become small owing to ever expanding economies and advanced technologies panning across all sectors of life. Due to this, one hour you might be at the floor of the world and the next hour at the roof it. Culture, diversified culture, comes into mind when such fast-paced scenario becomes the norm and with no end to it on sight.

It is hard to prepare sufficiently for culture change but it is possible to lubricate yourself well enough so as to glide in with the least of culture shock or struggle. Owing to time constrains or other inevitable factors you might not acquaint to the new culture you are about to encounter. That is why reading this will lessen the weight and spare you confusing scenarios or feeling embarrassed or lost every time you find yourself in what to you might perceive as an awkward situation.

Here are a few pointers that will help you adjust smoothly to that culture in the US and hopefully help you interact easily, enable you to maximize on your experience and even come to love and appreciate American culture whether you are in for a short or long stay.

Diversified culture: The first thing you will notice on this land of opportunities is that there are people from all over the globe. That can only lead to one thing, different cultures. This means you have to learn to adjust fast, be versatile, always be on the look out to spot out the nuances and above all enjoy what these cultures offer.

Cut-throat competition: Though America is the land of opportunities and second chances, you are well advised to snap an opportunity as soon as you see it and if you get that second chance, do not sleep on it or someone will pull it right under your feet. Why is that so? A competitive culture is engrained on Americans’ DNA.

Bigger is better: What a better way of living large and a satisfied life than having a bigger home, bigger cars and bigger everything. That is America and Americans for you. Do not be shocked when you order at a diner and the serving is more than you can handle. That is American culture right there for you. Eat what you can and unlike in other cultures, do not feel embarrassed to ask for the leftovers to be packed for to take home with.

Eat-while-on-the-move: In an era that demands so much from you, and with so a limited time, you often find yourself doing so much with barely time to spare for a meal. Well, the situation dictated an eat-while-on-the-move culture. As you shuffle from one place to another or task to task, feel free to grab that coffee mug or that bite. You are perfectly within the ever-expanding confines of American culture.

It is your mind, speak it: All societies are hierarchical but the American culture does not let that aspect suppress your thoughts, sentiments, insights, expressions or opinion. Do not hold back for fear of what your culture dictates for when it comes to ranking. However, keep it respectful.

Political Correctness: America is diverse and people have different sensitivities not to mention varying sensitivity thresholds. You need to be mindful of others, give a thought to what you say or express. Offending others is anti-social behavior and you can be held culpable. Hence do your homework about this culture of political correctness.

Small-talk: Who does not love small talk? Well, there are some who do not. But most Americans will randomly engage strangers anywhere they meet about topics such as weather, sports and basically about nothingness. It is harmless and social; you might as well fall into step.

Sports: Sports are integral in any society. They are as social as they are economical. Get into the loop and start learning and even being a fan sporting that jersey. Football, you will notice, is the most popular. It unites as much as it divides but worth every dime. So jump into this bandwagon and be part of this culture.

Self-reliance: Self-reliance is one of the defining cultures of America. It defines who you are as a person as well as a productive member of America. In America, you handle your business.’ Do not expect others to pick after you. Let independence define you before you seek inter-dependence.

Eating out: Many Americans will eat out owing to time constrains, to have fun, to experience with new cuisines as well as to socialize and get a glimpse of the numerous cultures that make America. So jump into this eating-out culture and reap its benefits. When you cannot eat out and still crave for the experience then order take-outs and that culture will be delivered on your door-step.