What Causes RACISM Around You

Racial discrimination is a very common and dangerous act where victims tend to feel that they do not belong to that place. Racism is an act where the individual is subjected to unequal treatment. Maybe because of their actual or imagined race, No one can change history or eliminate the evils of what has been committed in the past about. Race But there is a legacy of racism that still exists today. It is not visible in many respects, but it is like the energy that prevails in a room after the controversy. Anyone can feel the tension to one degree or another, each individual interacting with him individually, to form his behavior, consciously or unconsciously.

Racism is everywhere. Do not just live in one country. It has spread widely in every continent around the world. Thus, its effects are also spread throughout the world. Some reasons why people are facing this problem are due to policy. A rule or policy is the same for all but has slightly unfair effects on persons of a certain color, nationality, origin, sex, ethnic status and immigration. This is known as “indirect discrimination”.

For example, could be considered indirect discrimination if a company would have regulations in respect of wearing hats or other headwear during working hours. This action is likely to have an unequal impact on persons of ethnic/Race background. For example, it would be a “direct distinction” if the customer refused to buy insurance because the agent had a certain skin color or racial background. This work is discrimination in action.

Racial discrimination has very disturbing effects on its victims. The racist does not care about how bad it can cause his victim and does not think about his suffering. They only think about themselves and the satisfaction they feel when hurting others. Unfortunately, this is already happening around you, but people do not care sometimes. It is best to know their side, racial, to determine the common cause

Fear of displacement and loss

It is natural for humans to look for protection for our own species. Which basically means they are afraid of any loss of things that make them who they are; can include jobs, property, status, personal importance, and even our dignity. Humans fear substitution. We do not want to be replaced by someone better than us. Makes us feel undesirable and unworthy. Fear is the biggest contributor to racism. And especially because of the loss, this makes them see the difference between two people and are seen as threatening what they see in their rights.


It is a condition not to know what they are doing. What left racism lives ignorant in the world where you stand. If this person lives one thing over and over again and everyone else around him does the same thing, it seems appropriate for them. They do not see it as something wrong – even if it is – because they are right. The only way to correct this is learning. Be educated and be aware of the things around you. You may be aware of your actions and potential consequences. Racism will flourish if ignorance is not corrected.

Lack of love and a desire to feel superior

Those people who tend to be more racist are those who lack trust, self-love, and self-esteem. They throw all their negative feelings at their victims who see them as weak and weak. Racism comes from a sense of worthlessness, unwelcome, unwanted, and lack of opportunity that others have. The root cause of racism is not a social activity but an individual act.

The cause of racism begins with one person. It can only be corrected by dealing with individual verbs. Mentalism is not something we can keep in our hands and watch. We can only see the effects of what is produced. It may be natural for all humans to look at the outside world or the physical environment when they face a problem that needs to be reformed or addressed. For example, the government can build housing projects or create social programs as it did in the 1960s in an effort to correct hundreds of years of cruel and unfair treatment for a whole race. However, while this type of reconciliation has its place, it does little to deal with the underlying problem that has caused the start of Race and which continues to act as an annoying stream under the surface of our daily lives.